Looking Forwards and Looking Back

"Midnight Escape" by Stephanie Fry
“Midnight Escape” by Stephanie Fry

The new year is a liminal time, a moment between what was and what is yet to become.  A moment to pause and consider where we have been and where we are going.  So where is The Dream Well now?  What have we shared together, and what is yet to come?

Firstly, to all my longtime readers, thank you for staying with me this far.  The Dream Well has now been going for five and half years!  I had no idea when starting what a great adventure this would become!  And to my new readers – welcome!  I am so happy and excited to share this journey with you all.

In February 2013 I announced The Dream Well would be getting deeper, and boldly proclaimed my intent for many big ideas.  Happily, upon reflection I think I can safely say this claim was not inaccurate.  In 2014 there were indeed a lot of significant changes for The Dream Well:

  • Relaunch of the site with a fresh new look, and easier to navigate pages and posts
  • Launch of the online course: The Mysteries of Dreaming Well: Sacred Dream Initiation complete with its own supporting website and special offers
  • Offering Dream Coaching and Personal Dream Interpretations
  • Lots and lots of special offers to buy discounted goods across the web for Sacred Dreamers (many are available here)
  • The Dream Well joined the social networking world and went onto Facebook
  • 60 new posts!  Lots more free information about the meaning of dreams and dream symbols
  • Research began into Sleep Paralysis and Hypnagogic Hallucinations, and Dreams while Pregnant – thanks to all those that have responded so far.  This research is ongoing, so I would happily welcome any additional responses!
  • We had a competition for free dream interpretations and also a month for answering your dream questions online
  • A very busy December with a post (nearly) every day for the Christmas Advent Calender

In addition, I started writing for WellBeing Australia’s blog, and The Art of Healing magazine, extending the reach and scope of The Dream Well.

A big year, I think!

But excitingly, I think 2014 is going to be just as big – if not bigger.  Some of the improvements and developments you can expect to see this year include:

  • New personalised services to help make the most of your dreams and your life while awake.  These may replace some existing services.
  • Guest blogs to add new dimensions and perspectives to The Dream Well content
  • Lots of new posts to help you understand your own dreams
  • More refinement and streamlining of the website to help make navigation easier and more efficient
  • Lots of new resources including e-books, videos and more
  • Ongoing research into Sleep Paralysis and Hypnagogic Hallucinations, and Dreams while Pregnant – please contribute if you can!

And in 2014 you can expect to read not simply about dreams and their symbols, but more about how our subconscious mind functions at various stages of consciousness from waking through to sleep, as well as the influences of intuition and the role of synchronicity, and how both of these relate to our dreams and our waking life.

But I will also be working on some projects that may take me away from the site for a time.  I am hoping that you will enjoy the contributions of our guest blogs, and the other sites and blogs I will direct you to during these times.  And rest assured, all this secret work will be revealed in the fullness of time!  If in 2013 The Dream Well became deeper, in 2014 it will be expanding!  I hope you all enjoy the evolution.

Which leads to my final point – in 2013 I also introduced a feedback process (thanks to the dear reader for the suggestion).  So if you want to make any suggestions, you can let me know directly here. (Please go to the bottom of the page.)

Thanks again for your support.  I wish you all the very best for a peaceful and prosperous year.  And may you all Dream Well.

Thanks for the image to Stephanie Frey at Fine Art America



  1. Hi Amy!

    Excellent email! So exciting! I’ll be sure to forward this on to others who I think would be interested.

    Happy New Year


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